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Whether you are doing your first triathlon or have a few under your belt, you've decided to embark upon a journey that is going to be truly epic. You've set a goal that will push the limits of what you've defined as "possible." Don't worry, Live Grit is here to be your partner on this amazing, life changing journey. We are here to give you the support and guidance you need to cross that finish line. It's going to involve hard work, but it's also going to be a whole lot of fun. With our help you'll not only cross that finish line but you'll cross it with your arms in the air.

The Live Grit Training Program, a 20 week program from April 5th through August 30th, is designed for any Olympic or Sprint distance event in late August or early September. We will be focusing on the Chicago Triathlon! The program is designed for athletes just getting into the sport, athletes who have done a few triathlons but have never done a formal training program, or athletes who just want us to do all the busy work of putting together a plan right for you. You will get everything you need including structured daily workouts, weekly group workouts, introductory training clinics, race day preparation clinics, an in-store discount, and even a private athlete focused website.




The Live Grit Difference


We know that athletes looking to cross the finish line have multiple options when it comes to training. Most training plans will help the athlete cross the finish line, but Live Grit Training & Coaching is designed for the athlete you wants more individuality in their training program. Any written program simply cannot match the customized experience and personal guidance offered by Live Grit Training & Coaching. For the athlete that wants to understand the methods behind training, have the confidence of knowing the plan their using is designed for them, and know they have a coach to answer all of their questions along the way, Live Grit Training & Coaching is the best option.


A special note to our Live Grit First Timers’, this program is an addition to any resources outlined in that program. Training & Coaching at Live Grit offers the athlete a much higher level of customization and individualization than any written program can offer. Additionally, the limited number of athletes allowed into Training & Coaching, coupled with the grouping of athletes into 10-member ‘athlete crews’, allows our coaches to have a true “hands-on” approach with each athlete’s concerns throughout training.

Your Commitment

Every athlete has a life outside of triathlons and working out. We get that. Our training program is designed with this in mind. Every week you will get a written training plan that includes the following workouts:


2 swim workouts

3 bike workouts

3 run workouts

1 strength and conditioning workout


We will help structure your weekly workouts so that they work best with the rest of your life.

Our Commitment

If you've done anything with us before, you know it's all about the community. Life is more fun if you share it with others! We've established weekly group workouts so you can train with like-minded athletes.


Monday night strength workout

Tuesday night run workout

Saturday morning open water swim

Sunday morning bike ride


But don't worry if you can't make it because all of the workouts can be completed on your own, these group events are just there if you happen to be free during these times and want to workout with some of your friends.


 Kick Start Your Training Plan


The entire concept of a "training program" can be a little intimidating. We are going to make sure you have all of the tools and knowledge you need, before you get started.

Come to one of these pre-training clinics to have all of your training plan questions answered, build your custom weekly workout schedules, learn about crew events, sign up for group classes and clinics, and even meet your fellow athletes!


Sunday March 29th

11 am

Live Grit

1010 W Monroe

Wednesday April 1st

6 pm

Live Grit

1010 W Monroe





Athlete Tools

All Live Grit Training Program athletes get exclusive access to the following benefits and events

Online Resources

Get exclusive access to the Live Grit training resources to help guide you through your workout. Resources includes educational videos, workout instruction and demonstration, and proper training technique and discipline education.

Training Crew

Each athlete will be placed in a smaller group, or crew. These smaller athlete crews will help foster focused attention on individual athletes. Your crew's coach will be your personal expert to help answer all of your training questions.

Product Discount

We know the sport can be a bit of a financial investment. To help ease the expense of your new found passion we want to extend a 10% discount to our hard-training-athletes on any regularly priced item in our store until August 30th.


 Race Day Prep Clinics

Get the mental edge over race day with these clinics designed to help everybody from the first timer to the seasoned pro. All clinics will be posted in the athlete zone as webinars.


Gritty essentials. Gear clinic.

All the dirty details on gear you need, gear you don’t need, and gear you might need. Join the conversation with what you’ve found works in training and ask our experts what works for them!

Flat tires and noisy gears.

Lube your chain, change your flat tire, and shift your gears. Easier said than done? Bikes are our friends, not our enemies. Don’t be afraid of the two-wheeled amigo. Let us teach you how to care for your trusty steed.

Make the change!

Leave the old, take the new, and get going! Transition to the next sport and learn how to do it efficiently and quickly. It’s all about routine with this aspect of the race.

Get in the mood!

Get ready for racing. The 24-hour period leading up to race day, especially the morning of, is critical to your success. Let us walk you through the mental game that is race morning preparation.



Suggested Additions

Use these tools to help complete the training experience here at Live Grit.


Live Grit Swim Club

Join the Live Grit Swim Club at a discounted rate of $300 for 5 months of membership. (Normally $450)

Live Grit Cycle Club

Join the Live Grit Cycle Club Classes for a discounted rate of $10 per class. (Normally $20)




Sign me up, coach!


For a limited of time, Live Grit is offering 30 athletes the opportunity to join our training program - 180 written workouts, 80 group activities, discounted membership to the swim and cycle clubs, pre-race clinics, and much more - for $350.

Sign up today to guarantee your spot!


If you're doing an earlier or later season triathlon and need the plan custom tailored, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Contact us today to begin the conversation that leads towards a new you!