The Team

Photo: Nils Nilsen and Ironman
Photo: Nils Nilsen and Ironman

Team Live Grit

Seriously Fun. Never Intense. Always Passionate.

What is the team?



It's simple really. We decided to start a team. We had athletes join all of our clubs. Then those athletes started training at our club events. Then those athletes wanted to do a few races together after doing all of that training at our club events. Thus the Team Live Grit was born.


It's not a racing team, even though we all "race." But it's not your normal "set a world record" type of racing. More of a "race the guy in front of you in the grocery store walking to the check out lines" kind of racing. Like everything we do here at Live Grit we believe that if you aren't having fun, you're not doing it right.



How can I be on the team?




You're reading this on your computer screen or mobile device, right? Well to join Team Live Grit you only have to do one thing. One simple, super easy, hardly counts as a thing, thing.

We want you to say "I want to be a part of Team Live Grit."

Out loud. Right now. Wherever you are. Whoever you are with. Say it. Loudly. 

Congratulations. You're on the team! :) 

Oh, and read all the information and sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page!

What do I have to do on the team?


We try to take the complication out of everything that we do. We like simple. Life's just easier that way, isn't it? The team is the same way; we like to keep it simple. Here are the requirements expected of you as the newest athlete on Team Live Grit. 

Be Passionate. Whatever it is that you want to do, do it. Quitting is unacceptable. We will do everything in our power to help you accomplish your goals, but only if you are passionately pursuing those goals. 

Have Fun. Don't take life too seriously. It's triathlons. They are designed to be fun and healthy. We don't expect people to win the race, but if there was a "having the most fun" award, you better win that! 

Be Proud. We ask that our team athletes race in Live Grit gear. We want you to be able to tell everyone how awesome the team is and how they should join right now. It's easier to explain the team if you have the logo on. 

Have Motivation. We have a participation based point system. We hope to motivate our team athletes to participate in as many events/races/club activities as possible by offering discounts and special offers to team athletes who gain a select number of points.

What do I get by being on the team?'ve randomly shouted (preferably in a crowded place) that you'd like to be on Team Live Grit. You've been accepted on to the team and understand the requirements of team athletes. But you've started to wonder...

"What do I get out of all of this?"

Good question. Live Grit recognizes our team athletes in a number of different ways. You'll get early access to any Live Grit branded piece of equipment, as well as a discount. You'll receive early AND priority registration access to all Live Grit events. You'll have discount codes to register for any Live Grit Race Series race.You'll receive special race day support before and during all Live Grit Race Series races. You'll be invited to the finish line tent or our VIP tent at all Live Grit Race Series races. Plus let's not forget that awesome fact that you'll be able to tell all of your friends you are on the coolest team in the Chicago multisport world. 

Why did Live Grit start a team?



 Wetsuits. They make you feel like 10 pounds of stuff shoved into a 5 pound bag. Tight in all the wrong places. Sort of like a terrible super hero who let go of themselves after the crime fighting days ended, but still wears the costume. Ridiculous.

But the thing we always forget, everybody feels that exact same way when they put on their wetsuit. Triathlon is this weird sport of individuals going through the same experiences but for some reason we tend to keep quiet out of embarrassment or fear or awkwardness. THAT'S why we started Team Live Grit. We want to share those experiences. We want to have friends to laugh at and laugh with. You are alone on the race course, you shouldn't be alone before and after the race too. 

We are just like you, we promise. Let's do this whole thing together. 

What races does the team participate in?



Live Grit Race Series:


Live Grit LakeFront 10 Miler (April 18th)


Lifetime Espirit De She (June 14th)


Transamerica Chicago Triathlon (August 30th)


*If you would like to request a race be added to the series, please contact us with your request. Check back for new additions!

The Point System.



Team Live Grit awards points to team members for everything that they participate in. Show up to Tuesday night Run Club? Get a point. Complete a Live Grit Race Series Race? Get 5 points. Tag Live Grit on social media? Get a point. It's just that easy. 


At the conclusion of the season, Team points can be redeemed for any number of prizes. Dinner, a fitting, a tune up, some product, maybe even a party. 


Be sure to check out point values and submit your point receipts here. Check out the leader board too!


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