Support those feet!


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Finding the proper support in your running shoe can be overwhelming in today’s market. Purple, gray, hot pink, neon green, blue and what happened to the simple black or white shoe? Outside of the colorful shoes, you now have to choose from top brands such as; Nike, Adidas, Brooks, Asics, Saucony and New Balance. What do you choose? Some might choose their running shoe based off the color or brand verse support. Not because we mean to, but because we might not know what we are looking for when buying running shoes. Do you know what support your feet need? What is your foot type, neutral, pronator or supinator? Need a firm or cushioned sole? Not sure what you are or what support you need, you’re not alone. Finding the correct shoe that fits your running form and running needs will benefit you greatly.

Getting your shoes fitted should be an important component to your running program. Many running stores go through a similar process in finding the right shoe for you. Listening to your needs, goals and asking about your aches and pains is the first part of the process. Depending on the type of running your doing or the aches and pains your body encounters, will result in a particular shoe selection. Measuring your foot with a special device, once while seated and once while standing, gives the staff a measurement on how long and wide you foot is. Most recommendations suggest the athlete go up a 1/2 to a full size in your athletic shoes compared to your daily casual wear. Next, an analysis of your gait movement is the most important part of the shoe fitting. The staff will asses your gait in running, walking and sometimes skipping. This will show how your foot responds in this movement, letting you know your foot type, neutral, pronator or supinator. Based on your assessment, the staff will bring a selection of shoes that best fit your findings. The last part of the process is based on your comfort level with the shoes. You know your body the best and you’ll have to be the judge of which shoe fits you and your needs in the best possible way!

If you’ve never been fitted for running shoes, give it a try and find out if you’re running in the proper support your foot needs. A great store that Live Grit likes to support is Universal Sole, they do a great shoe fitting.