It’s Hump Day!

Wednesdays can put anyone in a funk. Needing to get through the day and onto the bright side; Friday is a day closer! We like to call this day, hump day! Social media has blown up and it’s a creative way to find new ideas, especially work out ideas. Today I’ve created a high, intensity, interval, training, HIIT, work out for the hump day funk. You can find these HIIT work outs anywhere on the web, search HIIT and you’ll be sure to find a cool work out. Many of these work outs are great as you don’t need equipment or even a gym. You can get them done anywhere and in a quick time frame. Today in my work out I’ve added in the bonus of tagging a friend to challenge the work out with. What’s better than a little mid week challenge?! Tag your friend in the video, get your work out on and hope your friend does the same and discuss the work out together. This not only gets you moving, but gets you talking with your friends and hopefully in a positive way of how great you feel after the work out, inspiring you to come back for more!

Kick your hump day into gear, find a HIIT work out, tag a friend, get working and enjoy the rewards of the work out!