How are your goals?!


The New Year isn’t slowing down for anyone or anything. It’s February and our goals have been in full swing now for over a month. Some of us might be on top of our goals and are on the right path to achieving what we set out to do. Others might have taken a small detour off track and that’s OK. Live Grit is here to get you back on the road to achievement. At times, the set backs can be the wake up call we need to finding the positive track back to our goals.

Siting down and analyzing your goals will help you formulate a new plan to success. If you’ve realized one of your goals is too far out of reach, that’s ok. Take that goal and break it down as to why it’s not attainable in this moment. Maybe you thought you could work out 5 days a week and you’re realizing you only work out 2-3 days. Instead of ditching your goal all together because you didn’t reach your gym attendances of 5. Set a new realistic goal to keep you motivated. Aim for 3 gym sessions a week. This way when you hit 3 you are motivated and feeling good verse making it 2-3 times when your goal was 5. Find a way to keep it motivating and achievable.

Check in with Live Grit, let us know how your goals are going. Are you on the path to achieving your goals?