High Intensity Interval Training


Looking to burn that fat and lose those extra pounds? Add high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) to your work out program and  you’ll see and feel some great results. High intensity interval training has many benefits to your health and can be the key component you’re missing in your work outs to get that extra burn. HIIT is composed of short, intense bursts of exercises that are sometimes less complicated movements. This allows you to perform the exercise at an explosive rate for a short amount of time, with shorter amounts of rest in-between each set; leaving your heart racing and body exhausted.

There are different ways to perform HIIT but ‘Tabata’ is one of the most popular methods. It consists of a 4 minute interval which contains 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, for 8 rounds. Take a simple movement such as squats. Turn it into an explosive, strength movement like squat jumps. This will leave you digging deep with a good leg burn on the 8th round. It’s a wicked combination of cardio and strength all in one exercise. You might not be lifting the same weight as you would in a normal strength session, but the explosiveness and high repetition, creates more fatigue and garners more muscle growth. Simply put, it creates stronger, more holistic athletes.

HIIT interval training doesn’t need to have weights involved. You can perform HIIT in a running program. Take a mile run and turn it into a jog for 15 seconds and sprint for 30 seconds. Repeat until you’ve reached your mile or set distance. This will help increase your speed and cardiovascular strength and stamina.

Performing HIIT work outs increases your strength, cardiovascular endurance and will even burn more calories. Leading you to overall higher fitness levels. Next time you are looking for change up in your work out a good work out, find a HIIT class and give it a try.