Live Grit Athlete Zone.'ve found yourself in the Live Grit Athlete website. Congrats! This site is a special place for our athletes to gather, gain private information, and share ideas. We don't advertise this site, it's not in any of our business distributions, it's just for you; the athletes. We want this to be a haven of information and online resources for you. Want something here you don't see? Post it on the forum or just send us an email. Heck, you know we expect you to come in to the store and hang out every few days so just bring it up to us then! You know we listen, after all that's how this website came to exist!



Here's how it works:

We have our 3 clubs; swim, cycle, and run. You're welcome to join any 3 of those individually. 

If you want to put all 3 together, join Live Grit Coaching and Training. 

Put all 3 together, train, and now race with the Live Grit Team!





We need you guys!

Whether you like it or not, you guys have had a big hand in creating all that is Live Grit. We need your help though. We can't possibly get our message out to every athlete in Chicago. PLEASE visit our social media, share us on your social media, like what we are doing on social media, give us a review on Yelp!, anything! Just help us spread the message. 



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